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amishlogoThe Angry Amish currently reside in Lancaster County; their home stadium,the “Barn” is located in Lampeter-Strasburg. Do you know that Lampeter (pronounced Lamb Peter) is located about two inches from a Lamb’s ass?

The Angry Amish were one of the first teams to play in Lancaster’s League of the Leaf, before they went International, in 2006 under coach Eli Stoltzfus. They are now a staple in the League of the Leaf, as all eyes are on the Amish!

The very first year the Angry Amish participated in the league, theyexecuted their patented strategy known as, “Buggy up Hill.” This strategyconsists of lulling the league into thinking that you are the center of a suck-fest and then coming on to overtake in the end, hence buggy up a hill, must come down hill! The Amish were fighting for last place at the end of the 2006 season and with three games to go, came back to qualify for the playoffs and went on to win against Kunigami Countryhead in an epic battle for the championship.

Head coach Eli “The Anvil” Stoltzfus has single-handedly masterminded the football strategy called, “Amish Style” which is a brilliant display of football genius … Sports experts have referred to him as “The Einstein of Football.”
Not only do the Amish have a great coach, but their Defense Coordinator, Manny “Plow Me” Lapp, has built the Amish defense into the feared, “Black Hole” as they seem to just suck up and swallow whatever the offense can thrust at them them
Offensive Line Coach, Jakey “The Mule” Zook, used to play for Mad Mennonites, until it was discovered that he was actually Amish.
Special Tea
ms Coach, Amos “Quick Feet” Smucker, was acquired from the Bakerz Dozzen in '07, when the Angry Amish were briefly bought by Chef Ramsey.

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